Trač & Matteo Ferrari


From May 15, 2015 Trač restaurant has entered into partnership with one of the best restaurants from Monza (Italy) called Kon Tiki. Its unique recipe for pizza dough, the way the pizza is served on hot stone board honed on the coasts of Lago di Garda, unusual pizza shape, as well as the original mix of ingredients have made this restaurant ...

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Recipe of Month

i love pizza

I love Pizza !!!!

Be creative and make a pizza with the ingredients of your own choice !

The most imaginative recipe will be rewarded with 12,000 RSD you can spend at the restaurant Trac & Matteo Ferrari and the award-winning pizza will be included in our menu.

The contest is due to end on 31.10.2015.

Trac & Matteo Ferrari

Enjoy and Bon Appétit!

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Restaurant Trač catering

keterig slika 2 buffet table & plates

We proudly organize food service for:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding lunches
  • Business presentations
  • Celebrations
  • Home parties
Complete range of offered restaurant menu can be served in the form of Buffet brunch. više info »



Svake srede promocija pice od 18 do 21 h. Bilo koja pizza po jedinstvenoj ceni od 599,00 dinara. više info »